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Couples Play Workshop 
Ignite Passion & Connection Through Intimate Dance

Elevate your relationship to new heights of passion and intimacy. Join us for an unforgettable experience at our "Couples Play Workshop," where you and your partner will embark on a journey of connection and sensuality like never before as you discover the art of seduction and connection through an engaging and interactive lap dance session. Learn how to communicate through body language, build anticipation, and create an atmosphere filled with desire and intimacy, encouraging Lust, Love, and Trust. Through this experience, you'll strengthen your emotional connection and reignite the flames of desire in your relationship.

We welcome couples of all backgrounds, orientations, and experience levels. Love knows no boundaries, and this workshop is designed to celebrate the diversity of relationships.


Cost Per Couple R600

(35 Minutes)

Fri 27 Oct at 19:00  |   Sat 28 Oct at 17:00  |  Sun 29 Oct at 14:00

Couples Play_edited.jpg
Fluff Your Feathers_edited.jpg

Fluff Your Feathers
A Playful Sensual Dance Workshop

Embrace your inner sensuality and unleash your playful side as you join us for a unique dance workshop. "Fluff Your Feathers" invites you to tantalize and captivate as you tap into your inner confidence and explore the world of playful seduction through movement. Whether you're seeking a new form of self-expression or hoping to deepen the connection with your partner, this workshop promises a fun and empowering experience. Get ready to fluff your feathers and discover your sensuous side, leaving you with newfound confidence and a playful spirit! (Feathers Provided)

Cost Per Person R220 (Props Provided)

(35 Minutes)

Fri 27 Oct at 18:00  |   Sat 28 Oct at 16:00

The Naked Truth
An Empowering Sensual Dance Workshop

Unveil your inner sensuality, conquer your vulnerabilities, strip away self-doubt and discover a new level of confidence and self-expression. Join us for "The Naked Truth," a unique and empowering sensual dance workshop designed to help you embrace your true self, whether you're dancing for a partner or simply for your own self-empowerment. With no prior dance experience required, "The Naked Truth" is open to individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels. Learn the art of sensual, slow, and sexy dance moves that will help you connect with your body and express your sensuality in a unique way. Through carefully designed exercises and guided movements, we'll help you overcome the vulnerabilities associated with being naked, fostering self-acceptance and self-love.

Cost Per Person R220

(35 Minutes)

Fri 27 Oct at 15:00  |   Sat 28 Oct at 14:00  |  Sun 29 Oct at 12:00


Naked Truth.png
Classic Lap Dance_edited.jpg

Classic Tease 
Lap Dance Workshop

Unleash your inner seductress and turn up the heat in your relationship with our "Classic Tease Lap Dance Workshop." Whether you're looking to reignite the passion in your partnership or simply want to surprise your significant other with a thrilling new skill, this workshop is your ticket to a night of sensuality, empowerment, and connection. Allow us to guide you through the fundamentals of classic tease lap dance, teaching you the secrets of body language, eye contact, and the power of anticipation. This routine is designed to be accessible for all levels, so no prior dance experience is necessary.


Cost Per Person R220

(35 Minutes)

Fri 27 Oct at 14:00  |   Sat 28 Oct at 13:00  |  Sun 29 Oct at 13:00

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